Longmoor Camp- home of the original HellRunner event. Much copied but never equalled. And now wilder and wetter, hillier and hellier than ever. A heady mixture of hills, water features and sand-sapping ascents… served ice-cold if you please.

It’s tougher than Tough Mudder and grimmer than the Grim. Oh yes. If running was an animal it would be a dog. Let’s just say HellRunner is part of the dog’s undercarriage. It really is that good!

2000 lost souls will face an epic endurance challenge of 10+ miles laced with theatre, music and pyromania. Naturally devilishly good fun.


  • Solo £35
  • Team (6-9 people) £32.50 per person
  • Team 10+ people £30 plus booking fee

Running Challenge 10+ miles of hills, mud and water features.  Tougher than ToughMudder.

For more information: http://hellrunner.co.uk/hell-down-south/

Off-road, off-piste and off the scale. The legendary Bog of Doom, Hills of Hell, and Lucifer’s Lido await. Mother Nature at her cruellest. Bless! A running event? Perhaps. A unique running experience? Definitely.