PICTURES: HMS Collingwood take on Twickenham100

A team of over 300 fundraisers from HMS Collingwood took to a week of "100" themed challenges for Twickenham100Read more

Walking in Wales: Wrens take on 100-mile walk for Twickenham100

The longest serving female senior rate in the naval service, WO1 Barbara McGregor and the first female Command Warrant Officer in the naval service, WO1 Annette Penfold MBE, are taking on a 100-mile walk in Wales in celebration of WRNS100.Read more

FIOC Team walk 100 miles for Twickenham

It was definitely a case of best foot forward as a team of 7 members from Fleet Information Operations Centre (UK) (FIOC (UK)) spent 3 days at the end of April walking 100 miles for Twickenham100Read more

500 Miles, 5 Days, 10 Premiership Rugby Clubs. All in time for 100th Army v Navy Rugby Match!

A team of 4 Royal Navy cyclists took on the challenge of cycling 500 miles in 5 days via 10 Premiership Rugby Clubs and end up at Twickenham in time for 100th Army v Navy Rugby MatchRead more

Wales URNU to walk 100km for Twickenham100

Members of the Wales University Royal Navy Unit (URNU) will be walking their way to Twickenham in time for the annual Army v Navy rugby challenge match.Read more

HM Naval Base Clyde raise thousands for charity with 100-hour challenge

People at HM Naval Base Clyde recently raised thousands of pounds for The Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity after an epic 100-hour non-stop cardiovascular challenge.Read more

Chief Petty Officer from HMS Argyll agrees to shave his head for Twickenham100 challenge

Chief Petty Officer (UWW) George Weatheritt agreed to have his head shaved for charity, with unique G100 challengeRead more

Britannia Royal Naval College Charity Auction Day raises money for Twickenham100

A huge thank you and congratulations to Britannia Royal Naval College, as they hold an auction will all proceeds going to the Royal Navy and Royal Marines CharityRead more

Royal Navy PTI roped into 250 climbs for Twickenham100 challenge

Leading Physical Trainer (LPT) Taff Jones invited staff and recruits to sponsor him and promised to climb a 30-foot rope once for every pound donated.Read more

HMS Protector sets the barbell high with Twickenham100 fundraising efforts

Whilst at sea, the Ship’s Company of HMS Protector organised 3 events to raise money for the Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity, in support of Twickenham 100.Read more