1. Mail is ready to be picked up from the collection office including parcels and letters from loved ones.

  2. ‘First –aid’ parcels from home are opened containing gifts and ‘life-at-sea’ essentials. Some personnel are also lucky enough to receive ‘Gift for Troops’ parcels.

  3. Duty Watch is the only person 'pegged in' on board your ship.

  4. On board, there are 80kg of Turkey along with 20kg of Beef and Gammon, 120kg of potatoes, 30kg broccoli, 30kg carrots, 150 Yorkshire puddings, 300 pigs in blankets, 20kg Brussel sprouts and to top it off, 15 Christmas cakes.

  5. Officers serve Christmas dinner to everyone who is on duty on Christmas Day.

  6. The youngest able seaman is the stand-in Captain for the day when at sea.

  7. Shore based, the youngest sailor and Commanding Officer stir the Christmas pudding mix as part of an annual tradition.

  8. You can taste the Pussers Rum in the Christmas Pudding.

  9. You dress as Santa or a Reindeer and escape from HMS Protector.

  10. You are ordered to ‘Double-up and secure’ as your ship moors in the dockyard. Ship’s company sign in relief as they are released to go home for Christmas.