Surrey-based, Warlingham Rugby Club, took on the Twickenham100 challenge by facing friendly international-rivals, Stade Francais Old Hirelings, in a 100-person rugby match.

The two clubs play each other each year at the time of the Six Nations Rugby Tournament, coordinating the match on the same weekend as the England vs France tie.

The home team, nicknamed the Mighty Warl, decided this year to incorporate the Twickenham100 challenge into their own historic match.

A Mighty Warl Welcome

The Warlingham Minis team welcomed the French onto the field in spectacular fashion as they emerged from the dressing-room for the marathon match.

100 Take to the Field

This year they decided to mix things in order to tackle the Twickenham100 challenge. Typically a rugby squad is made up of 22 players, with 15 outfield players and 7 players on the bench. This year it was slightly different.

Over 100 players and supporters turned up on the day, with players from the Warlingham Minis team playing for a period and Veterans taking to the field for Stade Francais.

Setting a Club Record

A club record was also set on the day when 4 members from the same family took to the field to play at the same time!

The final score was 25-20 and Warlingham ended the day as the happier of the two teams when England beat France in the 6 Nations!

Thank you to all those involved in the match, young and old!

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