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University of Portsmouth Students Quiz

University of Portsmouth final year student, Sam Flanegan, hosted a 100-question quiz this week in order to raise money for the Twickenham100 challenge.

The European Business Studies student, along with four other course mates, decided to respond to the call to action, Your 100, Your Way, by taking on the challenge.

The Challenge

The quiz consisted of 10 rounds, each with 10 questions, which totalled 100 questions.

Rounds included questions about Sports, TV, Film, General Knowledge, with questions ranging from 'Where is the original Disneyland located?', 'Who was the first Queen of the Celebrity Jungle? and 'In Africa, which river flows over the Victoria?'

In it to win it!

With an array of prizes on offer, including two-course meal for two at pizza express, the evening certainly got extremely competitive!

Why Twickenham100?

Sam told us “We wanted to find a local charity that we all have an interest in and we loved the idea of the 'Your 100, Your Way' challenge”

Thank you Sam and the University of Portsmouth team who took on the challenge to raise money for the #Twickenham100 campaign!