Forty personnel from RFA Argus recently enjoyed a sports afternoon at Portland Sailing centre following a break in the ship's busy programme - most notably its involvement in supporting Ebola-stricken communities off the east coast of Africa.

Two junior members of the Ship's crew took the time to write to us.

"To everyone at the RNRM Charity, the personnel on board the RFA Argus would like to extend our thanks for the use of your funds at such a short period of time. The team building activities we were involved in on the 2nd July were very enjoyable and were a great opportunity to get outside our comfort zone for most of us.

"Since being on Operation Gritrock out in Sierra Leone we have not had the opportunity to experience any team building sports events which made this all the more enjoyable. Wind surfing and paddle boarding in Portland was a great and convenient way to get the personnel on board to get to know one another better outside of a working environment and without travelling too far. It was also a whole new experience for the newer members of the ship.

"Thanks again from the RFA Argus."

"Dear Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity,

"I would like to thank you on behalf of the Permanent Royal Navy embarked upon the RFA Argus, for you’re generous contribution to our water sports activities that were carried out at the Portland water sports centre. We engaged in multiple activities including paddle boarding and windsurfing as well as others. It was a fantastic event that was appreciated by all, the staff at the water sports centre were very accommodating and enthusiastic.

"The water sports event was an incredible improvement on our other previous divisional days, as most take place at sea were resources and activities are limited. The RFA Argus returned from Operation Gritrock in April and since then has been busy in UK waters, and for the Permanent Royal Navy to be gifted the resources to enjoy ourselves in the midst of our busy schedule is a welcome relief. Thank you again for your donation.

"Yours sincerely, Naval Airman Styles-Nisbet"