Over the first three weeks of May, Mark Belamarich (a sea survival instructor with 1 Assault Squadron Royal Marines), and Phil Slade (from the RN/RM Sail Training Centre at Royal Marines Stonehouse) will try to break their own record sailing from Plymouth to Faslane, the site of a Royal Navy base, in a 14ft dinghy.

Read how they broke a World Record, here.

The ambitious voyage, from Plymouth to Scotland, will not only raise awareness of dinghy sailing as a sport, especially within the Royal Navy and Royal Marines but also raise awareness and funds for the Royal Navy & Royal Marines Charity and Bowel Cancer UK.

Mark and Phil are currently attempting the complete the voyage for the second time as the first attempt was cut short due to severe weather and sailing conditions.


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Day 5 & 6 (12/05/2017-13/05/2017)

Mark and Phil are confident that they have today beaten their own record and will be confirming this with Guinness World Records in the coming weeks.
Unfortunately, the elements were against the pair and for the last 3 days, they have had very little wind, very cold nights and pouring rain. Due to safety reasons Mark and Phil have ended their challenge on Holyhead.

"Please keep an eye on our page as we will be updating once all data is collected. Thanks for your support"

Day 4 (11/05/2017)

Mark and Phil continue to make progress along the west coast of Wales, encountering some choppy conditions in the afternoon

Day 3 (10/05/2017)

Today, Mark and Phil will pass along the west coast of Wales and will complete 250 miles of their voyage, that's one-third of the total distance they will travel! Make sure you follow their progress with the onboard tracker, which you can view online

Day 2 (09/05/2017)

Mark and Phil, today passed the Lizard with the Spinnaker up, they have now reached the same point at which they had to stop on their previous. The weather is holding out this time!

Day 1 (08/05/2017)

The team set off for the second time as their first attempt at breaking their own World Record was cut short due to poor conditions.


Day 2 (03/05/2017)

Unfortunately, due to poor sailing conditions, the challenge was brought to a temporary halt.

Mark and Phil had passed Land's End and began their voyage along the West side of England and Wales before they were forced to stop.

Day 1 (02/05/2017)

Watch Mark and Phil start their World Record attempt as they set sail from Plymouth...

And some photos from the day...

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