One of the Royal Navy’s top performing Field Gun Crew’s, HMNB Devonport, is taking on a 203 mile charity challenge in Plymouth City Centre in support of its principal charity.

The “Road to Twickenham” forms part of a wider Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity (RNRMC) drive, with 2016 representing the 4th year the campaign has been run. The concept is based around the Navy vs Army rugby match, with RN and RM units around the world encouraged to cycle the relevant distance to Twickenham (held a couple of weeks ago, score 29-29). For HMNB Devonport Field Gun Crew this is 203 miles.

The RNRMC is the principle charity of the Royal Navy/Royal Marines, supporting sailors, marines and their families, for life. Each year the RNRMC distributes millions of pounds to fund projects and facilities that boost morale for those who serve today, whilst supporting military charities which care for the children, families and veterans of the RN and RM.

Under the leadership of WO1 Andy Welch, members of the crew will be static cycling in Plymouth City Centre from 10am Saturday 14 May to raise funds for the RNRMC. They will also be taking the Gun and Limber with the intention of promoting Field Gun and the Naval Base within our community.

For the crew, getting fit started in February, with the crew undertaking circuits specifically tailored to the physical demands of Field Gun. They have been “track training” – training with the gun and limber – for the past 3 weeks, led by No1 trainer PO Chris “Jonah” Jones. The Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity Field Gun competition will be competed throughout the week commencing 30 May, culminating in the final Sat 4 June. This is now a truly tri Service event with an expected 23 units running. For all those who compete it demands the RN ethos and core values of Courage, Commitment, Discipline, Respect for others, Integrity and Loyalty – each “runner” trains lunchtimes and evenings on top of their day job commitments!

HMNB Devonport hope to build on their track success of last year, during which they ran their fastest ever time, ultimately finishing 4th. HMNB Devonport Field Gun is kindly sponsored by Babcock, Ivor Dewdney Pasties, Martin Luck Group, Nordic Installations, BD, Keyham Vaults and Summerskills Brewery.

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