They say charity begins at home.  However, whether at home or away Bulwark Ship’s Company have had a busy charitable year raising nearly £15,000 for a number of charities including the RNRMC, McMillan, RBL, Derriford Hospital and Surf Action.

How they did it

This staggering amount has been raised through a number of charitable events, including cake sales, a poppy appeal and a 24 hour run. All at the Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity are hugely grateful for the efforts of each individual fundraiser on board HMS Bulwark. Below is a breakdown of how they managed to raise their money

RNRMC Trustees Visit
RNRMC trustees visited BULW to gain ground truth of the effects of their charitable works.  Hosted by Capt BULW and the wardroom, the trustees were presented with a cheque for £2275 from LCpl Brooker RM who organised ‘Run 24’ during COUGAR 15. (DSC_1412)

Warfare Dept Torbay ½ Marathon
Members of the warfare dept, took part in the Torbay ½ marathon establishing some credible results and raising £1040 for the RNRMC.

YO Cake Sales
Throughout the year numerous BFT, SFT and other random RN YO’s have baked, bought and hosted several successful coffee mornings in support of RNRMC and McMillan Trust, raising, £1082.86.  (MV160073001)

Charity Horse racing
An impromptu evening’s entertainment on the vehicle deck, widely supported, with some well-considered costumes, some more appropriate than others.  However, raising £381.50 for RNRMC.

RBL Poppy Appeal 
An impressive £3200 was raised through the sale of poppies for the RBL, largely through the efforts of BULW’s own ‘ginger Viking’, PO AWW and the Padre.

AWW Experience
Following on from his success from the poppy sale, PO AWW continued with a well received AWW experience for the Ship’s company and EMF which raised a further £136 for the RBL and RNRMC.

 Ultra Marathon 
Mne Ryan Joslin, 4 ASRM’s very own Forest Gump ran an extremely respectable 65 miles in 12 hrs on BULW’s upper deck to raise £1700 for Surf Action and the RNRMC (£350).

PO’s Mess 24 Run
Not to be outdone BULW’s PO’s Mess then ran an equally respectable 150 miles in 24 hrs.  However there was more than 1 of them running…..  Amount raised £260 for RBL and Derriford Hospital.

Charity Auction
With BULW’s impending move to extended readiness the opportunity to experience a number of first – ‘first bottle of BULW Gin’ and Lasts – ‘Last Goal keeper firing’ in the RN beckoned, as did some seconds – Choose Capt BULW’s second tattoo…….  All prizes were eagerly contested and £4100 was raised for the RNRMC.

Mini Medals
Recognising the sacrifice of the ‘little Sailors and Marines’ who have supported their bigger Sailors and Marines whilst deployed, who could pass up the opportunity of a JEF(M) 16 mini medal, raising £476.95 for the RNRMC.

A massive thank you to the Ship's Company of HMS Bulwark, your efforts will make a huge difference!