Another iconic location on this journey has been completed in the infamous Alcatraz.

The legendary prison which would have once only been privy to the sound of cell doors clanging shut and guards shouting 'lights out' has now had its first ever bagpipe performance. Irene was welcomed by Ranger John Cantwell and started the tour by playing in the totally bricked cannon storage area. They then moved on to the eerie cell block where she even had the chance to roleplay as an inmate who was fortunately allowed to keep her beloved bagpipes.

Irene said: "On a perfect day we achieved a lasting memory by playing on Eagle Plaza with the amazing view that all inmates had to live with but couldn’t reach."

Thankfully Irene was released to continue her journey on to Rio.

This challenge is in an effort to raise £50,000 for the Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity and Julia’s House. You can donate to her cause at

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