Irene has conquered one of the hardest parts of her challenge, playing her bagpipes in Antarctica!

Fortunately, perfect weather conditions allowed Irene to hike the beautiful Paradise Bay. Here, surrounded by huge glaciers, icebergs and abundant wildlife Irene was somehow able to play her bagpipes without them freezing up. The second location on this amazing continent was Neko Harbour on the west coast of Graham Land and it wasn't long until the misty landscape was filled with the sound of Auld Lang Syne.

Irene said: "This was an emotional third Continent for me as so much depended on everything going the right way but it was perfect. The expedition team led by Jonathan and my fellow passengers could not have been more supportive"

Irene has accumulated a growing list of fans from around the world during her challenge but she couldn't have predicted this one. The little chap below was enjoying this unique performance so came over for a closer look. That may well be a world first for Irene, after all, surely no one else could say they have played their bagpipes for a penguin in Antarctica?

This challenge is in an effort to raise £50,000 for the Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity and Julia’s House. You can donate to her cause at

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