Sam Barron and Sean Woods are both serving in the Royal Navy as marine engineers on HMS Portland. On 20th June 2016 they departed with their crew on a 9-month deployment which docks at ports across the globe. While deployed they were both keen to do something for charity while challenging themselves at the same time. 

10k at 20 stops 

"With around 20 stops in foreign ports planned... we have decided to do a 10k run in every country, every stop. Some locations will have temperatures reaching 50 degrees celsius in the summer and in winter under minus 10, so we think we may struggle. Not to mention some of the dangers we may encounter on the road in some of the more hostile places in the world. On the plus the side it will keep us out of the bars and hopefully do some good for people. 

We will be doing the run dressed as Batman and Robin, partly to make it harder for ourselves but mostly just to re-enact that famous scene from only fools and horses."
(You can see 'that' scene below)

From Safaga to South Africa

So far Sam and Sean have run 10k in Sardinia (Italy), Souda Bay (Greece), Safaga (Egypt), Bahrain, Abu Dhabi, Muscat, Tanzania and both Durban and Simonstown in South Africa. 

Most recently they have been docked in Simonstown, South Africa, where they had a 5-week stand down. Both Batman and Robin had 2 weeks off, which was spent completing their ninth 10k and indulging in the occasional post-run BBQ.

During the 10k run they ran down to the shore to meet with some of the resident penguins and take pictures with the locals (as well as some South Africans). Due to the Sat Nav breaking during the run the pair ran 11k but still managed to complete the run within their one hour target time!

The next run will be in a couple of weeks and we will keep you posted with Sam and Sean's updates.

BZ Sam and Sean, keep it up!

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