Sam Barron and Sean Woods are both serving in the Royal Navy as marine engineers on HMS Portland. On 20th June 2016 they departed with their crew on a 9-month deployment which docks at ports across the globe. While deployed they were both keen to do something for charity while challenging themselves at the same time. 

10k across the globe

The pair decided that they would complete a 10k charity run in every country they dock in, making for some pretty spectacular pictures, great stories and raising money for the Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity in the process!

Arrested in Rio

Most recently Sam and Sean completed a 10k in Rio de Janeiro where they took in some amazing scenery but had to contend with the local law enforcement when they were stopped and were made to change into their charity running vests!

Following the 10k in Rio de Janeiro, they then completed the next run on Ascension Island then followed by one more in Sierra Leone

From intimidation to high-fives

Sam, speaking about their recent run:

"The locals could be quite intimidating (in Sierra Leone) but once you get used to your surroundings they were so friendly and high fives were flying everywhere."

Thank You, Sam and Sean!

So far, Sam and Sean have raised £2,500 for the Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity and are aiming to reach £4,000!

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