World Sight Day (Thursday 14 October) aims to highlight the difficulties faced by those who live with some form of vision impairment and also to highlight what help is out there for these people if and when they need it.

Approximately 285 million people worldwide live with low vision and blindness. Across the globe, people are turning their attention to blindness and vision impairment care, an issue that we actively support through regular grants to multiple charities that are there to support serving and veteran Royal Navy and Royal Marines personnel and their families. One of these charities is Blind Veterans UK who The Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity supported with a £40,000 grant in 2015 to help them continue to help the 732 Royal Navy and Royal Marines veterans that rely on them.

Stronger Together with Blind Veterans UK

This year the World Sight Day call to action is 'Stronger Together', where we are all encouraged to engage with organisations and groups of people who are involved in eye-care. One of the RNRMC's partnerships that has strengthened in recent years is with Blind Veterans UK. A charity that, together with the RNRMC, helps Royal Navy and Royal Marines veterans adjust to their sight loss and lead more independent, fulfilling lives.

What Blind Veterans UK do

Their services include rehabilitation, the provision of specialist equipment and training, respite nursing and residential care, welfare provision, support to facilitate independence in the home and access to a thriving sporting and social life.

Their superb work is achieved through the help of highly qualified staff at their Rehabilitation and Training Centres, in Brighton, Llandudno and Sheffield and a network of regional Welfare Officers across the UK.

How your money helped Marine veteran, Mike

Mike, 88, joined the Blind Veterans' charity in 2014, having served in the Royal Marines in 44 Commando between 1944 and 1947. Being an ex-Marine, Mike is an independent character but was keen to receive advice and assistance from Blind Veterans UK as to how he could remain independent as his sight loss worsened.

Blind Veterans UK's officers were able to issue him with special UV glare shield sunglasses, a seemingly simple item but which has proved of great help, giving him increased confidence to go out and about in bright situations. He also received a talking tablet and returned for a week's IT training, during which time he learnt to how email and browse the web for information. This has not only enabled him to keep in touch with the wider world but he is also now more easily able to communicate with his family in Australia and America.

Do something amazing this World Sight Day and donate £5 to the RNRMC by texting RNRMC to 70500.

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