Today is Armistice Day and in two days we will honour the men and women, who gave their lives in conflict, with Remembrance Sunday.

As the nation takes time to remember, we ask some of The Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity's (RNRMC) staff members, supporters and beneficiaries what Remembrance means for them.

Dean Rogers is a Royal Navy veteran and now works as Regional Fundraiser for Scotland and the North at The RNRMC

“People that know me understand that as much as I'm proud of my previous career, I will discuss it when asked, regale when invited to do so but don't walk around with my medals, tie and blazer on all the time.

But this time of year is different - it is special to me.

It is a time for me to privately reflect, to remember my comrades, my brothers and sisters of my second family and to respect the ultimate sacrifice made for this country by some who I knew and many that I didn't.

I am a Veteran, and a Veteran is someone, who at one point in their life, wrote a blank cheque payable to the United Kingdom for an amount up to, and including, their life. Regardless of personal political views, it is an honour to serve one's country, and there are way too many people in this country who no longer remember that fact. A Veteran who is proud to have served”.

Kristian Glover is a Royal Navy veteran and now works as Operations Coordinator at the RNRMC

"The act of remembrance means to me not only thinking of all of those that lost their lives for the country and the space we live in today but to also remember every service Man/Woman or civilian that gave their life in any conflict."

Philip Hurn is a Royal Navy veteran and has benefited from the support of the RNRMC as a beneficiary

"We remember family, friends, colleagues and total strangers who selflessly put their lives, well-being and health on the line to protect this wonderful nation of ours and other nations. They have served King and Queens and country with valour, bravery and complete selflessness and also protected and served people from nations all around the world.

My great grandfather fell in WW1 and late father served in The Korean War as a gunner with The Royal Artillery. Even though he survived he carried his duties out with the same commitment. He would want me to be remembering those who fell during that time.

I myself served in HM Royal Navy and remember all those who served and perished for the cause as well."

Sarah McDonnell works at the RNRMC while her husband and father both have had military careers

"My father was meant to go to the Falklands but a colleague of his wanted to go in his place. He never came back.

Also in 2013 a Lynx helicopter crashed in Afghanistan killing 5 crew. One of the pilots served with my husband in Germany. His wife is the same age as me and he has 2 children of similar ages to mine. It was the first time I realised that my husband, who does that job and who has been to Afghanistan, could actually die out there."

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