HMS PROTECTOR sailed in mid-January to start her final Work Period of the 2016/17 season and headed south for a 5-week patrol of the Antarctic Peninsula & South Shetland Islands.  This included visits to the British bases Rothera Research Station and Port Lockeroy, the Amercian Palmer Station at Anvers Island and the Chilean Base, Yelcho which is close by.

Whilst at sea the Ship’s Company organised 3 events to raise money for the Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity (RNRMC) in support of Twickenham 100.

The first event was a Cake Bake & Sale, volunteers from the Ship’s Entertainments Committee took to the mixing bowl and baked 100 cakes which were then offered to the Ships Company for “4 o’clockers” for a small donation to the charity.

The next event was midway through the work period and involved testing the Ship’s Company on their knowledge of many subjects, particularly their mess mates and Rugby.  Saturday night Quiz nights are usually well attended and this was no exception, hosted by the ships Canteen staff LPT Ravuoco and LET Morris, everyone was encouraged to wear fancy dress and pay a £1 entry fee which was donated to charity. 

The final event was the ‘TW100 Big Bench of Challenge’.

This was held in the gym where the Ship’s Company could enter 1 of 3 categories. The challenge was 100 reps at either 15kg (Winner: LS Jen Brammer), 30kg (Winner: LD Mansell) or 50kg (Winner: Mne Laing). There were male and female winners for each category which encouraged maximum participation. Personnel paid a £2 entry fee which was donated to charity.

In total Protector’s Ships Company raised £300 during their Twickenham100 challenges.

Having successfully completed the latest ice period HMS PROTECTOR is now in Montevideo and will spend the northern hemisphere summer months in warmer climes whilst Antarctica is in the grips of winter.  Now half way through a 2 ½ year deployment the ship is currently due to return to the UK in 2018 after the next Antarctic Summer.

Everyone at the RNRMC would like to thank the Ship's Company of HMS Protector for taking the time out of their busy schedule to take part in the Twickenham100 challenge.

Has your Ship's Company taken part in Twickenham100 yet? If not, you can still sign up here