Steve Harvey from HMS Argyll, managed to persuade Chief Petty Officer (CPO) George Weatheritt into a money making scheme for the RNRMC Twickenham100 (T100) challenge.

The scheme was named on board as the 'G100' (a take on the Twickenham100/T100 challenge) and involved trying to raise over £100 for charity.

The idea was simple. The more money raised, the more hair would be shaved off of George's head!

£100 raised equated to a Grade 5 cut, £150 would mean a Grade 3 and £200 would mean a short Grade 1.

A special target of £350 was set and for this amount, George agreed to have a clean shave!

In total £376.90 was raised and George now fashions a fantastic shiny head

Huge credit to George, Steve and the Ship's company of HMS Argyll, we love this idea and thank you for all of the money raised!

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