The 'Loan Bike scheme' aims to encourage people to leave their cars at their workplace and cycle to and from meetings, appointments to encourage a healthier lifestyle. 

We were invited, last week, to the launch of the new Navy Fit Loan Bike scheme which is based in HMS Nelson.

The Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity (RNRMC) helped fund the scheme which was also backed by HMS Nelson Local Amenities Fund and The Royal Navy Sports Lottery.

Those using the scheme are able to take a bike out of the allocated sheds with a coin, cycle to their destination and drop the bike off in another shed or return to the same. 

Each bike and bike shed has been given a fresh coat of paint and even includes the RNRMC logo!

The facility was opened by Naval Base Commander Portsmouth, Jeremy Rigby. COB Captain Ollivant RN and BXO Commander Martin J Evans also attended the launch along with RNRMC representatives.

We will be keeping a look out for the bright pink rims meandering through the Portsmouth Naval bases!